Heavy Rain Causing Plumbing Problems

It’s not uncommon for plumbing issues to arrive after a heavy rain. This is an indicator that you are having external plumbing problems. Whether it’s directly under your home or in the pipes leading away from your home.

Heavy rain can push the dirt and rocks around your pipes, making it heaver and harder on your plumbing system. When the rain comes down, the underground will shift causing dirt and rocks to move your pipes, causing them to bend and crack.

If your pipes have cracks in them, debris from dirt and rocks can seep in. This can cause your drain to become clogged. As debris builds up, water and waste cannot travel through the pipes and eventually goes back into your home. Ultimately causing a drain backup.

Another affect of heavy rains, is too much water in your sewer system. If water doesn’t have anywhere to go, this can cause a backup in your sewer system.

You should always check exposed pipes to make sure that debris and dirt from heavy rain doesn’t clog your plumbing system. You should call a professional plumber to check your drains if you see water backing up into your home which is a good indicator of a plumbing problems.

It’s always a good idea to inspect your drains to ensure they are in good working condition and aren’t becoming blocked or clogged. The professionals at Connelly Plumbing Solutions can help you with this!

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At CPS, we strive to help customers understand what is going on with their plumbing system and to give them the pros and cons of every option so that they can make the most educated decision.

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