Five Signs Your Outside Faucet Needs to be Replaced

Your outside faucet can get a lot of use in the summertime, from watering plants, washing cars or even filling pools. Over time, the outside faucet can start to wear down and may need to be replaced. Here are XX signs your outdoor faucet needs to be replaced:

  1. If the faucet leaks or drips water even though it’s turned off, you may need a new faucet as this is a sign the washers or valve seal are worn out.
  2. The spout or handle are visibly corroded. This can happen over time because the faucet is exposed to outdoor weather.
  3. Reduction in water flow. If you turn the faucet on and no water or just a trickle of water comes out; you may need to replace your outside faucet. If you have hardwater, you may have a build up of hard water on the inside of your faucet.
  4. Constant use of a handle can cause it to loosen. This indicates the internal parts are wearing out.
  5. If your outdoor faucet is cracked or damaged in the spout of the handle. Your faucet may need to be replaced because of the freezing temperatures.

If your faucet shows any of these signs of wearing down, you’ll need a faucet replacement.

Outside faucets take a lot of abuse from weather and frequent use. If you notice leaking, reduction of water flow, loose handle or other issues; it may be time to replace your outdoor faucet.

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