Five Reasons You May Need Toilet Repairs

The average person uses the toilet six times a day, that’s 2,190 times a year! As you can imagine, toilets are an everyday essential in a person’s life. So, doing without a toilet to use can be a huge problem to have. Knowing a good toilet repairs service is essential to keep your day and life on track.

There are five common toilet repairs people have.

  1. Clogged pipes: this happens when too much waste or non-flushable items are flushed down your toilet. Creating a clog as the waste navigates through your pipes.
  2. Faulty fill valve: this valve keeps your toilet filling up properly. If you aren’t seeing enough water in your bowl, the fill valve might be the problem.
  3. Worn-out flapper: if your toilet is constantly running water and it doesn’t always flush everyone on the first try, you may have a faulty flapper.
  4. Low water pressure: not enough pressure to flush the toilet is a sign of major plumbing problems that may be outside of the toilet itself and lie within the pipes themselves.
  5. Leaking: finding pools of water close to the toilet is a sign your toilet is leaking. This could be because of the toilet itself or piping and fixtures nearby.

Whatever the problem may be for a toilet not to work properly can be a headache. But knowing someone who can help with toilet repairs can be the solution.

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