How A Water Softener Works?

If your home has hard water, you may be doing a disservice to your laundry, showers and drinking water if you aren’t using a water softener. Hard water is an excess of minerals like calcium and magnesium in your water. If left, hard water can have a negative impact on the plumbing of your home. To improve your water, you’ll want a water softener.

Since plumbing is typically a behind the scenes aspect for homeowners, you may not realize you have hard water. Signs of hard water include, inadequate lathering of soap, scratchy laundry, taste of your water, water spots on dishes, to name a few.

A water softener, acts as a filter to reduces the buildup of limescale and mineral deposits on your plumbing system by filtering it through a mineral tank of resin beads charged with sodium ions. The ions exchange calcium and magnesium allowing sodium ions to enter the water. But don’t worry, it’s not enough to make your water taste salty!

Water softeners typically last 10-15 years. A well-maintained water softener unit can last longer if it’s well maintained by using evaporated salt in the tank, flushing the resin beds every few months and cleaning the venturi valve twice a year.

If you need a water softener in your home or if you aren’t sure if you do, call Connelly Plumbing Solutions today at 913-768-7676 and we can test your water and let you know what kind of water softener unit you may need.

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