What Is Backflow Testing?

The best description of backflow testing – your home is set up on a water system. Specific pipes bring clean water into your home and other pipes carry the waste water away from your home. Backflow will occur when there is a decrease in pressure levels causing a disruption in the normal flow of water in your system.

If you have a backflow problem, you need to get this tested this right away; as backflow is when your clean water is being contaminated by your untreated water. Backflow testing is a service, offered by plumbers, to check the backflow preventer device by assessing its pressure levels.

There can be a number of reasons your water system is not working properly and causing a backflow. The most common include:

  • Heavy water usage from a public source, like a fire hydrant
  • Damage to water supply lines
  • Pump failure

To find out if you have a backflow problem, you will want to contact a licensed and certified plumbing contractor. With backflow testing, you’ll know exactly the reason why you have a backflow problem and an experienced plumber will know how to fix it.

During the backflow testing, you’ll have your water service stopped (temporarily). Then the plumbing professional will open and close the valves to your backflow device; while watching for pressure changes.

Once the water is turned back on, the professional plumber will check to make sure your water is safe for drinking, showering and sterile.

If you have questions or concerns about a backflow problem, call Connelly Plumbing Solutions are locally owned and operated right here in Kansas City. We will provide you with the proper testing you need.

At CPS, we strive to help customers understand what is going on with their plumbing system and to give them the pros and cons of every option so that they can make the most educated decision.

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