Frozen Pipes In the Kansas City Area

Brrrr! It’s getting cold outside! Its time for us to start our annual neighborly reminders to hopefully help save you some headaches!

Here’s some tips to help your plumbing system avoid potential problems:
-Don’t set your thermostat low at night, your energy savings may cost you $$$ if a pipe breaks!
-For bathrooms or fixtures on an exterior wall and/or above or near garages, let both the hot and cold side run a small stream of water
-Open cabinet doors
-Let basement bathrooms run as well
-Sump pump drains: if frozen, unplug and regularly monitor the water level in the pit

Pipes susceptible to breaks from freezing in order from easiest to break to most least likely to burst/break:
1st – cpvc (yellowish glued together plastic)
2nd – copper
3rd – galvanized- (may not break)
4th – polybutylene (greyish blue inferior pipe, subject to different problems, widely installed, typically doesn’t break due to freezing)
5th – PEX (red, white or blue, the best plastic pipe)
We are just getting started with the cold. If you experience any problems, please give us a call at 913-768-7676

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